Is archaebacteria asexual or sexual

Fungi and plants show a combination of sexual and asexual modes of reproduction. Individual cells do not have sexual organs. What are runners and how do they reproduce asexually? For much of the 20th century, prokaryotes were regarded as a single group of organisms and classified based on their biochemistry , morphology and metabolism. Apomixis and Nucellar embryony. Pomegranate reproduces both sexually and asexually. Once these copies double their original size, the plasma membrane pinches together, separating the original eubacteria cell into two daughter cells. In order for goldfish to reproduce, their must be DNA provided by both a male and female goldfish. Example of sexual and asexual reproduction?
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How do archaebacteria reproduce?

Do butterflies reproduce sexually or asexually? Sexually Sometimes, hyphae of different mating strains attract each other. Although William Butler Yeats had a strong interest in the occult, it is believed that his two children that he had with Georgie Hyde-Lees were conceived by sexual reproduction. In the carbon cycle , methanogen archaea remove hydrogen and play an important role in the decay of organic matter by the populations of microorganisms that act as decomposers in anaerobic ecosystems, such as sediments, marshes and sewage-treatment works. For a long time, archaea were seen as extremophiles that only exist in extreme habitats such as hot springs and salt lakes. And Sexual is sex between a male and a female to make an offspring. Current knowledge on genetic diversity is fragmentary and the total number of archaeal species cannot be estimated with any accuracy. Archaea reproduce asexually by binary or multiple fission, fragmentation, or budding; meosis does not occur, so if a species of archaea exists in more than one form, these will all have the same genetic material.
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How Do Eubacteria Reproduce?

Evolution, Physiology and Molecular Biology. Is a duck sexual or asexual? Do spine cells reproduce asexually? For the geologic eon, see Archean. The male has sperm cells are made conventionaly in the testis as in other spieces that reproduce sexualy. Both involve at least one parent Both produce offspring Offspring are of the same species Offspring are able to reproduce themselves. Humans whileasexually is where a organism can create life without two gendertypes or with out fertisilation it does it by its self e.
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Description:The primitive life forms predominantly exhibit asexual reproduction. A new proposal for the classification of prokaryotic organisms". Like all birds, fish and mammals - they produce sexually. Most of the metabolic pathways, which are the object of the majority of an organism's genes, are common between Archaea and Bacteria, while most genes involved in genome expression are common between Archaea and Eukarya. Archaea carry out many steps in the nitrogen cycle. Animals use sexual reproduction because there needs to be a male and a female. What are runners and how do they reproduce asexually?

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