Penis discharge after urination

I have pains in my penis anytime I had wet dreams, and I have been to the hospital noting was found. I went to hospital and they found nothing conducting all test on me. GP and comedian Dr Phil Hammond talks fully and frankly about sexually shared infections in his Expert guide to genital infections. Failure to seek treatment makes you at risk of getting an infection. Sounds like a benign not so important problem or issue. I even got tested and treated for a prostate infection. I will tell you something more about those sexually transmitted diseases that you are afraid. I am 16 and until recently have been sexually unactive I have been dealing with problems and issues with my penis long before i was sexually active as i was only young and masturbating I have a funky yellow looking substance coming out of my penis and underneath my foreskin and ive had pain on the head of it what look like pus underneath the skin and blood pimples i also have slight cuts and lacerations around my foreskin which after sex or masturbation causes pain and discomfort as they have reopened again Whilst i have been sexually active using a condom i am quite self concious about my penis and people seeing the problem or even smelling the fishy odour it has now gotten to the stage where it hurts too much to touch to urinate or masturbate properly or even at all as when i pull the skin back i can feel irritation and pain underneath the foreskin please help me as to what i do or what it is thank you. The left side of my penis has started to hurt and recently I have seen a clear layer of white discharge out of the head of my penis. I had protected sex many times last weekend, and have just started to see a yellow puss like substance appear from the top if my penis.
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Penile Discharge

Penile discharge may be milky, white, yellow, green, clear and in some cases they may contain blood. Please sugest the name of the disease and give conformed drug. I dont have any symptoms. No pain when urinating. Then I have tried to squeeze my penis and I saw a verry little yellowish watery discharge. I have whte fluids comin out, n i went 2 the doc n he gave me antibiotics, i tuk them all bt stil th whit stuff is stl cumin out n its soar when i urinate als.. I have been suffering with this problem from last 6 months, is there any solution regarding this?
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Penile Discharge After Urination

A discharge from the penis after bowel movement is something many men have experienced. I have this yellow creamy puss like substance leaking from my penis and where the skin fols it burns. What is Genital Herpes? Prostatitis is possible, with the bowel movement pressing your prostate through your rectum enough to produce the discharge from penis. Explain to doctors who think it's psychological and not pathological from their test results. I had unprotected sex 10 days ago and all of a sudden after couple of days i woke up and found yellow greenish sticky things on my penis, what shall i do? Your evaluation by a physician should include a history and physical examination as wellas a urinalysis.
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Description:I have no other disease so far. When doing forplay with my wife before having sex, a transparent liquid comes from my penis what is it? What's is the problem? I had protected sex many times last weekend, and have just started to see a yellow puss like substance appear from the top if my penis. A man with this condition will often experience a burning sensation or pain when they are urinating. I don't sleep around, my girlfriend and not complain of anything. There are also those who experience it during the bowel movement. I'm having colourless penile discharge from my penis side 2yrs throughout day without erection it occurs more if I have sitten for at least hrs it occurs more wen I strain my lower abdo. Since I have been on Norco and Ultrem.

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